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What makes a great story?

A great story has the potential to alter the course of our lives either no matter whether we read it, watch it, or live it. But what are the details that make a story not just interesting, but truly great and unforgettable? There are many things, but here is a short list that can help us get started:

1) When something very unusual or unexpected happens and it teaches you something very valuable

2) When something goes very wrong but you come out stronger in the end

3) When you go "behind the curtain", meaning you tell the listener or reader the truth behind something they think they know but really don't

4) When a very deep, core belief of yours (sometimes called a "worldview") gets flipped on its head and turned around completely

5) When you are really tested as a person, pushed to your limit and unsure whether you can make it out the other side

The most important thing to remember about submitting a story to Story Chameleons is that your story must be true and about you, not from your imagination about imaginary place and characters.

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