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What is a story?

The word "story" is one that we hear every day. Sometimes many times a day. It's a word that's just so much, sometimes it's not 100% clear what even is. So we wanted to take a minute just to clarify. 

A story is a sequence of events. It's not a single moment or an image or a 10-second video. A story is when A happens, then B happens, and then C happens, and (and here's the important part) as a result of all these things happening, something CHANGES. What do we mean changes? We mean that to be a story, something must change about the world itself, about how two or more characters relate to or think about each other, or how one character sees themselves or the world around them. Generally speaking, the more the change, the better the story.

This is very important because we work with storytellers ever day and together we remind ourselves of this. We love stories not ONLY because they are entertaining and fascinating, but because through stories we get to know ourselves better as well as everyone (and everything) around us. It's that change in how we feel and think that makes stories so valuable.

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