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How do I submit my story?

After reading the story guide and these submission rules carefully, please write your story, look it over carefully, make it as strong as you can, and send it in by clicking the submit button right on this page.



  • Ensure that your school is registered on this platform. If your school has not registered yet, it can be done right HERE. 

  • Ensure that all information given in the form to be filled is accurate.

  • Please ensure that the story you are submitting has the permission from your School authorities.

  • The stories should not be more than 600 words.

  • By submitting the story, you give us permission to use these stories on our website and other social media platform.

  • Please use the following formatting guide for your stories.

Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12

Line space: 1.5

Justified alignment

  • All stories should be sent in as an attachment to the google form.

  • Please use the above Story Guide to ensure that you have an impactful story. 

(Just a reminder, two forms must be sent in. The first registers your school and the second, below is for your story submission. To register your school, click HERE.)

If you've made your way through this checklist and are ready to submit your story, press the SUBMIT button below. First fill up the form and then attach your story and finally press send. You will receive an acknowledgement soon.


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